How to Start a Blog While Still in College

There are many successful bloggers who started blogging way early in their life, maybe when they were in College. Today, they are established, successful, and earning a fortune through their blogs.

While some of them got lucky to get a great start, many of them started blogging strategically. The success of such bloggers inspire college students to start their own blog. However, starting a blog isn’t a piece of cake. There are a few things that a college student must know before starting a blog to achieve quick gratification.

If you are in college, have creative ideas to share and inspire people and you know how to play with words, here is a guide for you to start blogging. You can find a more detailed guide and other blogging related help at but, if you are in a hurry, here we have a crisp introduction to blogging for college students:

Choosing a name:

This is the first and probably the hardest step of starting a blog. You need to pick a name that perfectly describes your blog and at the same time is attractive enough to woo the readers. Here are a few tips for this:

•Think about the things that are permanent in your life, like your natural hair color, your origin or maybe your name.
•You can include college in the name but only in a way that you can use it once you are graduated.
•If you are sure to talk only about a particular niche, pick the name that is deeply related to the niche.

Choosing a platform:

There are many platforms that offer you a chance to establish your blog. Platforms like Blogspot, Blogger and WordPress are famous and most of the time free of cost.

Picking a free host is better to keep a check on your expenses. Here, having a free-standing domain gives you better authority in the market, but that doesn’t mean you cant make it with a free host.

Choosing a theme:

Once you have a host and a name, you will now have to pick a theme for your blog. This is critical because as soon as a reader enters your blog, they judge you by the theme. There are several themes available on different platforms for free or at a very nominal price, pick the best one.


Never launch your blog without any content. That’s a terrible mistake to commit. You need to have handy content on your site, which you need to update time to time. Many people feel stuck after say 7 or 8 blogs, but you need to keep brainstorming to keep your blog up and live.

Think about every aspect of the subject you are writing about. You can also maintain a blog that targets multi-niches, this makes it easy to keep the content flow managed.

Promote your content:

If you are looking for some income from your blog, which you are, you need to promote it. There are many social platform where you can promote your blog and invite people to join you. pick the right platform as per your audience.

So, now that you know how to start blogging when you are in the college, what are you waiting for? Start your own blog and get established as a college blogger.


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